Mental Training

Mental Training (For Tournaments):

“My consistency is based on my mental strength.  It is basically impossible to break down my mental part these days.  I think that is very important, because tennis is quite a mental sport.”

Roger Federer 2005

All tennis players who compete at various levels realise the importance of mental toughness.

Yet, isn’t it amazing that most of the players spend hours everyday practicing the strokes and hardly devote anytime to the mental preparation.

This is exactly the ‘Samasam’ (balance) we bring about in the sport of tennis. The physical and mental balance that we stand for.

We ensure that adequate time is spent by students on understanding the mental aspects and the emotional aspects of the game.

And then, we sit with them and devise specific strategies to conquer the mental aspects of the game.

We give counselling for mental preparation on the following list of counselling topics:
●     Forming specific strategies for before, during and after matches
●     Building confidence and intensity
●     Instilling motivation
●     Cures for frequently occurring errors and mental lapses in matches
●     Analysis of the game and mapping of strengths and weaknesses
…and many more!!!

In short, if you have a problem or want to improve on any mental aspect of your game, come to us.

We shall be ‘Happy to Help’!

Take an Appointment now!

Take an Appointment now !

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