Why counselling

Jimmy Connors- one of the greatest tennis players said: Tennis is 95% mental (game).

When players start competing in matches or tournaments, they realise that there is more to tennis than just hitting strokes.

Yet almost all of the coaching is focussed on technique and stroke production. Very little attention is paid to training the student on the mental side of tennis.

Counselling refers to training on the mental aspects of tennis. These mental aspects include strategy & tactics, handling one’s emotions during matches and pressure situations, working on intensity and confidence, etc.

How Samasam can help

Samasam Tennis provides the following counselling options to tennis players and parents:

  • Personalised one-to-one Counselling to the player and his/her parent
  • Group Counselling services on a pre-decided topic of interest

Audio-visual aids are used for the counselling session and each student/parent is provided a customised report.

We provide counselling through the following mediums:

  • At our counselling centre
  • Over a meeting at a suitable venue
  • Via the internet using technological aids
  • Over the telephone

Think of us as The Tennis Doctor!

You can now take an appointment for counselling right here. Request for an appointment now!

If you have any query or need advice regarding tennis, we are there to help.

A brief list of topics we provide counselling on are:

  1. Getting mentally tough for tournaments
  2. Forming specific strategies for periods before, during and after matches
  3. Making a fitness schedule
  4. Choosing the right equipment for your level/style of play
  5. Developing a diet plan
  6. Building confidence and intensity
  7. Instilling motivation
  8. Getting parents and children to understand each others expectations
  9. Charting a tournament playing schedule
  10. Cures for frequently occurring errors and mental lapses in matches
  11. Making a practice schedule
  12. Analysis of the game and mapping of strengths and weaknesses


    …..and many more!!!

In short, if you have a question, we will help you answer it.

Our main objective is that your or your child’s tennis develops and reaches its maximum potential.

Take an Appointment now!

Take an Appointment now !

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