A lot of tennis coaches all over the world give instructions to the players and expect the student to follow it whole-heartedly. E.g. ‘Keep your head still’, ‘hit down to up’ and so on.

Our observation of this style of teaching is that, at best, it provides short-lived results in the student’s game and in a lot of instances, increases frustration in the players’ mind.

We, at Samasam Tennis, encourage the player to first become aware of ‘what is really happening’ in front of him.

For instance, if we would like the student to hit down to up to generate more topspin, we first get the student to feel and observe his present swing. This is achieved either through observation, feel or video analysis. And then we ask the student to tell us if the swing was really down to up, or straight back-straight forward or up-to-down.

We have learnt from our experience that learning and change is maximised in this way.

We encourage players to talk, ask questions and tell us if they are feeling comfortable with the change etc.

Hence in this way, the player is made a willing and active participant of the change process.

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