A tip on Passing Shots

I see quite a few students miss passing shots.

Even against players who have relatively poor volleys, they still end up missing passing shots.

Reasons: Rushing.

When the players see the opponent coming to the net, they have a rush of blood and want to hit the stroke with a lot of power and so quickly that the ball should pass the opponent before the opponent reaches the net.

Wrong thinking!

At the end of the day, the ball has to come to you before you hit it. You can’t (and shouldn’t) rush into the stroke.

Play it with a cool head. Don’t rush it.

Play it as you would do on a normal groundstroke.

Control that urge.

Also look at the ball and not the opponent.

This is also one of the main reasons why players miss passing shots. They look at the opponent and not at the ball.

Avoid this.

And also it would be criminal not to make the opponent volley; especially if he/she is a poor volleyer.

Make the opponent volley. You will see that you will still win a lot of points.

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