Every Point is Important

Tennis is quite unique.

It is not necessary that the player who has won the most number of points, wins the match. You may win more points and games than your opponent and still end up losing the match.

So as some argue, clearly every point is not as important as the other.

Some points carry more importance than the others, right?

So should the philosophy that ‘every point is important’, relevant?

Yes, it still is.

Because if you don’t win the points that lead you to the so called – important point- you will not win the match.

To get to the important/crucial points, you still need to win the points. So aren’t the points that get you to the important points just as important as the important points.

This has been very correctly and convincingly argued in the following blog: http://wholistictennis.com/thebigpoint.aspx

So how do you train the children to work hard on every point?

Here’s a beautiful trick I learnt at the recent National Coaches Workshop.

Let us say two players, Player A & Player B are playing points. Have two chits – with numbers written on it. The chits should be folded such that the numbers are not visible to the players

Say the numbers are 4 & 6.

Offer the folded chits to the players. Say Player A picks up the chit with number 6 and Player B the chit with number 4.

Now, the players and the coach should ensure that the numbers are not known to their opponent – i.e. the other player.

So now the game is: Player A has to win 6 points to win the contest; whereas player B has to win 4 points to win the contest.

And they don’t know how many points the other player(the opponent) has to win to win the contest.


This will ensure that they fight hard for every point.

Because every point is important.

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