A Free Tennis Lesson with: Novak Djokovic (Courtesy: TIME Magazine)

This week, since I am extremely busy with the ongoing tournaments, I will take a back-seat. (Busy here implies watching AUDA-PITA students compete in matches, day in and day out. And since the students happen to reach the finals, it really makes for a very hectic and busy week.)

And I am not complaining ­čÖé

So what I will do is, I will step aside and I will let an able substitute teach you a few tennis tricks.

You see it helps if the able substitute happens to be the present World no. 1 on the ATP Circuit and the winner of three Grand Slams in the present calender year.

Now that’s note a bad├é┬ásubstitute, is it?

So here’s A Free Lesson With: Novak Djokovic

Thank you Time Magazine!

Have a good Time! ­čÖé

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